Care guide

What do the care symbols in clothing mean?

The tub explains everything about washing.

The appropriate washing temperature is shown in the symbol itself.




Washable on a normal cycle, maximum spinning possible.

Can be washed on a gentle cycle, e.g. delicate wash or easy-care program. The tub has a line underneath indicating that it can only be spun briefly at low speeds
  • Delicates washing program
  • ·Maximum 700 revolutions
  • No more than 1kg of laundry in the machine

Special gentle cycle, preferably without spinning and with special detergent.

  • Washing program for delicates or wool
  • Do not spin or tumble dry
  • No more than 1kg of laundry in the machine, no more than a third full

The square provides information about drying

The square with a circle in the middle says that the laundry is suitable for the dryer.

empty circle: suitable for tumble drying
Circle and a dot: Dry at low temperature (gentle program)
Circle and two points: standard program
Circle and three points: high temperatures possible

If the square has a cross, the laundry cannot be put in the dryer

A square without a circle is the sign of natural air drying.