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    A Panama hat is the classic summer hat.

    On the history of the Panama hat

    The name should actually be called Ecador Hat, since the material only grows in Ecuador. The Panama hat has been made in Ecuador since 1630. It gets its name from the former customs stamp from Panama. All goods from South America were imported into the USA via Panama and received the appropriate customs stamp.

    The construction of the Panama Canal also influenced the name. The Panama Canal workers appreciate the hat as a source of shade in the hot and humid air. American President Theodore Roosevelt wore one of these hats while visiting the construction work on the Panama Canal in November 1906 and thus the term Panama hat was born. And since 2012, artistic hat weaving has even been part of UNESCO’s “intangible cultural heritage”.

    The Panama hat – a fashion statement!

    A Panama hat represents style, class and elegance. The headgear is lovingly handcrafted from the Toquilla palm. This palm only grows in the fertile coastal strip of Ecuador. These masterpieces of weaving art are created with manual dexterity.

    The fashion classic has been worn by many famous people, such as presidents, actors and musicians.

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    The hand-woven and lightweight hats are comfortable to wear, look great and are ultimately a modern and timeless top product that you can enjoy for many years.

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