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    You can never have enough knitted hats - for warm ears on cold winter days, perfect on bad hair day or just as a fashion statement. With or without a bobble, as a casual slouch, there is a model to suit every taste.

    Buy a hat – when it gets cold outside

    Hats are not just bought for the look, many people also buy hats to protect themselves from the weather. Especially when it comes to knitted hats. Then summer is of course not suitable for this. But at the latest, when the cool autumn winds blow around your nose and buying a hat has been postponed again and again, it becomes clear that it is high time. Because winter is just around the corner and if you spend a lot of time outside, you should wrap up warm. Our head, neck and ears are particularly at risk - which is why buying hats should not be delayed for too long. At Hutwelt you can find a large selection of high-quality headgear.

    Buy hats – at a pleasant temperature

    Wool is a material that can retain heat well. That's why you'll hardly find any sheep that are freezing. What is good for sheep cannot harm us humans. Wool hats are particularly useful in the cold season and also keep us warm. Fine hats made of merino wool are perfect for all sports and leisure activities such as walks or shopping trips - merino wool is a breathable natural product, temperature-regulating and soft. Buying hats is also a question of your own look. Who buys a hat that they don't like and that doesn't fit them? That's why there is a very large range at Hutwelt, where everyone is sure to find what they are looking for. These include the following models:

    • Beanies
    • Bobble hats
    • Knitted hats
    • Slouch
    • Windstopper
    • Stretch hats
    • Tie caps
    • Merino hats

    and a few more. For young and old, for old and young – everyone will find the right headgear here. Buying hats – no one has to leave the house anymore, because you can do it easily online. Here at Hutwelt.

    Buy a hat – for every outfit

    Some people like it plain, others brightly colored. The next person wants stripes, another wants dots and a third prefers a fun pattern. So there is something for everyone. You can buy hats here for any outfit - you can search in the shop not only by model and brand, but also by color and material. Have lots of fun with it!

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