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    The woman of the world wears a woman's hat

    Anyone who thinks that women's hats can only be worn by older people is very much mistaken. The selection of women's hats is so endless that everyone can find something here. Things can be chic and elegant as well as casual and casual. Would you like a few ideas about which women's hats can be found in the Hutwelt shop? Please!

    • Caps
    • Western hats
    • Panama hats
    • Beanies
    • Knitted hats
    • Bobble hats
    • Bakerboy and Elbsegler hats
    • Women's berets
    • Straw hats
    • Fedoras
    • Occasion hats

    to name just a few examples. There are also fashionable headbands and elegant traditional headbands. There is something for every woman, for every occasion and for every weather.

    The history of the women's hat

    Humanity has known headwear for over 5,000 years. However, they used to be reserved exclusively for kings and priests. This is how the superior position should be shown. It would be many years before hats became a common part of clothing, as it was only in the Middle Ages that men's and women's hats were seen more and more often. In the 17th century the fashion aspect finally came into play. When it comes to women's hat fashion, things really took off in the 18th century. At that time, all married women had to wear a bonnet. This is where the saying “being under the hood” comes from. In the 19th century, the hoods eventually became smaller hats so that the hairstyles could be seen. It wasn't until a machine for hat blanks was invented that a variety of examples of men's and women's hats emerged. Today, women's hats are still worn for fashion reasons, but protection from wind and weather also plays a crucial role.

    Women’s hats – find the right accessory

    Due to the variety of women's hats, it is not always easy to find the right one for each outfit. The Hutwelt online shop offers a variety of women's hats, so there is a suitable model for every occasion. And of course also for any weather. It doesn't matter whether a woman wants to protect herself from the sun's rays, whether her hairstyle should remain intact when it rains or whether she wants to get as little wind as possible. Nothing can happen with the right women's hat.

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