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    In summer it's no longer possible to go topless...

    To protect the skin from direct sunlight, there are suitable headgear and textiles. Sensitive skin areas in particular are best protected with a wide-brimmed hat. There are also cheeky models with high UV protection for the little ones, so they can play in the sun for longer.

    Sun protection is essential

    Sunlight is good, but too much of it is dangerous. Headgear, textiles and sunscreen creams with a sun protection factor provide ideal protection for the hat from direct sunlight. Hats with functional fabrics allow you to stay in the sun up to 80 times longer.

    How do I recognize the protection factor?

    You will find the UPF information on many headgear. These seals are awarded through testing procedures, so testing is carried out under realistic conditions. More security is not possible

    Children's skin is particularly sensitive

    Children's skin is particularly at risk from UV radiation; from the age of 15, it has developed the full protective mechanisms depending on the skin type. That's why it's important to choose the right sun hat, especially for small children.

    Hats and caps are the ultimate companions not only in the sun - they also protect you in rain, wind and cold without any side effects.

    Whether casually styled at the open air or stylishly staged in the city: hats and caps are the stars among the accessories! The selection in summer is large and prominent wearers show how to perfectly present hats.

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