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    The cult brand Stetson from the USA impresses with high-quality, stylish headwear.

    Stetson hat – stylish headwear

    If you already know the Stetson hat, you will probably think of the cowboy hat first. There is a reason for this, because the Stetson hat became famous when worn in westerns. It is named after John B. Stetson, who invented the cowboy hat in 1865. More on the story in a moment. Today the Stetson hat is more than just a cowboy's headgear. Numerous models are now manufactured under the Stetson name and can be worn in all situations. These include, among others:

    • Straw hats
    • Hatteras
    • Traveler hats
    • Caps
    • Fedora hats
    • Flat caps

    The Stetson hats are available in different materials.

    The history of the Stetson hat

    As already mentioned, it all started with cowboy hats. Back then, Stetson was virtually synonymous with the hats of cowboys and rangers. The inventors were also influenced by the sombrero, which came from Spain. Stetson developed the hats because they were intended to protect against rain. That's why the headgear was given a wide brim and a high head so that the circulation of air was as ideal as possible. The typical cowboy hats became so popular that they were also worn by the “normal” population. Including artists, musicians and of course riders at the rodeo. The large selection that can be found in the Hutwelt online shop impressively shows that a Stetson hat is now a very sought-after item of clothing that can be worn by many different people.

    Stetson hat for every occasion

    If Stetson continued to only produce cowboy hats today, the brand would not be as widespread. However, due to the variety that Stetson hats offer today, they can be worn for any occasion. And age is not a requirement when wearing a Stetson hat. There is something for young and old, so a Stetson hat is stylish headwear in every situation. Suitable for many outfits, available in different colors and different materials. Hutwelt offers a wide range of products.

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