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    Headbands - the fashionable accessory for the cold season

    Buy a headband – never have cold ears again

    Who doesn't feel the same way: the first cold days are approaching and it starts with cold ears. That doesn't have to be the case! If you buy a headband, take precautions and pack your ears well right from the start. The good thing is that the hairstyle remains intact. It also ensures that longer hair cannot fall into the face, so a headband is not just for cold days in winter. Another advantage: if you buy a headband and wear it while exercising, you ensure that sweat doesn't get into your eyes.

    Buying headbands – the story

    A look at the history books shows that we actually don't know that much about headbands. Since when headbands have been around and how they have developed over time is largely unknown. Nevertheless, there are some key points. It is assumed that headbands already existed in ancient times. At that time they were mostly worn by rulers or athletes. Headbands were particularly popular in the 1920s, when they were worn primarily by women with short haircuts as part of the Charleston fashion. Depending on the presentation, they even served as an accessory for evening wear. In the 1980s, headbands were inevitably part of the aerobics scene. The ribbons also have a symbolic character, as they were worn in Japan as a talisman to keep evil spirits away. Today you can buy headbands and wear them with many outfits to enhance your own look.

    Buy a headband – high-quality brands are waiting

    If you want to buy headbands, you need to know: they are not just for winter. Headbands can be worn easily even in summer. They also serve as a fashion aspect. This accessory completes many an outfit and significantly enhances your own look. Hutwelt has a range of headbands from high-quality brands. Below

    • Döll
    • Pouring wine
    • Icebear
    • Capo
    • Star thaler
    • BULA
    • Sätila
    • Chaskee
    • Bavarian
    • CF

    To ensure that the band always matches your outfit, it makes sense to buy several headbands at the same time so that you can vary them. A large selection is waiting in the online shop.

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