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    STRIVE - For a natural experience

    The world first from Eisbär. For everyone who loves nature, Eisbär has developed the STRIVE High Performance collection with a team of experts and renowned research institutes.

    What is special about the collection?

    This is the combination of purely natural materials with the highest functionality and the most modern production processes in knitting.

    • 100% plastic free. Made in Austria.
    • 100% natural
    • nature-based thermoregulation
    • high-performance moisture management
    • fast drying
    • high wearing comfort

    STRIVE includes hats, headbands and tubes in different temperature versions. This means that the right combination can be found for every outdoor fan - depending on the outside temperature, weather conditions, effort level and the individual feeling of cold or need for warmth.

    Which materials are used?

    It is a combination of three natural fibers that together offer an unrivaled range of performance in terms of thermoregulation and moisture management.

    • certified extra fine Merino virgin wool (from sustainable animal breeding, no mulesing)
    • Skindry MicroModal (base material is 100% beech wood)
    • SolucellAir TM (cotton production according to the BetterCotton Initiative criteria)

    How was functionality tested?

    The Zillertal Outdoor Test Team traveled with the different models in the Austrian Alps and tested them in real nature; the results were confirmed in climate chambers at the Empa Center in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

    What is head mapping?

    STRIVE addresses the different temperature zones on the head. The hats and headbands cool or warm where needed. Inspired by the body mapping principle, areas of the head that produce the most heat or are particularly susceptible to cold are differentiated. Different types of knitting, the so-called 3D ACTIVE KNIT Technology, are used here, which consists of a special 3D knitting pattern with adapted structures and material combinations in defined temperature zones for the best possible functionality and maximum comfort.

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