Hat Day

November 25th, International HAT DAY, name day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, is originally the festival of “Catherinettes”, as unmarried young women of 25 were called in France. On this day, they had to put a new hat on the statue of their patron saint, Sainte Catherine, and also wear one themselves.

So it became a festival for seamstresses and milliners who showed off their most beautiful models on this day. And now this festival is celebrated worldwide from New York to Tokyo by lovers of beautiful headgear.

Since 2013, the Association of German Hat Shops has chosen a prominent personality as “Hat Wearer of the Year” on International HAT DAY.

This year we congratulate Massimo Sinató , who is Hat Wearer of the Year 2018. Courage to wear a hat. This is the motto of the sixth “Hat Wearer of the Year”.

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