Straw hats - summery and airy

What would summer be without an airy straw hat. It protects us from harmful sun rays and brings a touch of holiday spirit into our everyday lives.

There are many different models with narrow or wide brims. Most classic in the natural tone of the material. This means that these models can be easily combined. But there are also colorful straw hats that really get us in the holiday mood.

In addition to the elegant Panama straw, there are straw hats made from paper and raffia straw. Straw types such as hemp, seaweed and raffia are also widely used. Because of its airy and light properties, straw is perfect in summer when it is sunny and warm. The paper straw hats are also very robust and durable and therefore more durable.

So, have you already found your perfect summer hat? Join in and get that vacation and summer feeling on your head! We will be happy to advise you in the shop.

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