Sun, heat and UV radiation: protection in hot times

The temperatures are rising - but what helps against the heat and UV rays?

Sun is good for you, but too much rays can be dangerous because sunlight contains dangerous ultraviolet rays. This is pure stress for our skin. In particular, the sensitive areas of the forehead, nose, ears, lips and neck are best protected with a wide-brimmed hat. Headgear with special UV protection allows you to stay in the sun up to 80 times longer.

Hat on: Headgear is recommended when exposed to direct sunlight.

It should be noted that children's skin is particularly at risk from UV radiation because it is still very thin. It is only from the age of around 15 that she has developed the full protective mechanisms against harmful UV radiation that correspond to the respective skin type. Children's hats with a high UV protection factor of up to 80 UPF offer protection from sunburn for both large and small wearers.

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